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Over $30 million in South Jersey homes SOLD with our assistance!
Why Stage?
In today’s competitive real estate market how does a successful Seller distinguish their home from other homes, when 90% of Buyers start their search for a home online? They Stage their home.

It’s all about the Photos!
Buyers tell us that on a scale of 1-5, that listing photographs are ranked #1 in importance to them when deciding to schedule an appointment to see a home, or move on to the next listing. Staging your home before it is photographed and listed for sale will maximize your ability to convert those Internet buyers and browsers into scheduled appointments and offers.  
Our Staged Homes Sell.
Our proven record of success speaks for itself, 94% of our staged homes sell within 31 days. Our Staging services sell a “lifestyle”, in other words, a new standard of living for your potential buyers.

Our Staging Process…
We start by determining what interior upgrades you may need. We analyze your space. We analyze your market competition. And finally, we analyze your target audience. All of these elements are integrated and portrayed in our staging plan. There are no “cookie-cutter” staging plans at Dressed 2 Sell Staging, each design plan is custom suited to your home. Learn more about home staging.  
Total Solutions.
In addition to home staging, Dressed 2 Sell Staging offers full service home improvement solutions. We are fully licensed and insured home improvement contractors in the State of New Jersey.

We offer a list of services from:
Space planning, to kitchen and bathroom improvements to color selections, fixtures, finishes, flooring and furnishings. Our goal is to provide “one stop shopping services” for you and get your home ready for the market as quickly as possible. From start to finish, we have you covered.

Learn more about our home improvement services.  
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